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How To Buy A Rowing Machine

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A rowing machine is perhaps the perfect full body exercise machine you need to have in your home nowadays. Everyone can use this machine and it provides a wonderful low-impact cardiovascular workout thus you won’t be putting any extra stress on to your muscles and joints. Considering that buying a rowing machine because of the huge number of advantages it will provide to you is the easiest part. To make things easier for you, I’ll go over the key phases you should pursue that will illustrate you how to buy a rowing machine.

Step 1 – Determine If You Have Sufficient Space

A classic rowing machine needs the similar amount of floor spacing an average two-seat sofa occupies thus make certain you have sufficient space. Bear in mind that your head and back will be expanded past the seat length whenever pulling the handle thus the more space you have accessible the better.

Step 2- Determine Your Budget

The average price range for a rowing workout machine is ~$120 – $4,500 and there is a massive range to choose from thus determining the range of budget will narrow down the field. Determining a budget is essential but sticking with is solution and will end up saving a considerable amount of money.

Step 3- Determine Your Plan About Its Usage

Off course, you are going to use a rowing machine for workout purpose; however, here are a few aspects you must consider:

  • Commercial Or Home Usage

All machines all made for home usage, but several are not built sturdy enough to withstand the punishment it would receive at a fitness center or gym. Make certain if you plan to buy a rowing machine for commercial usage that you choose one that is commercial-grade.

  • Off-season Planning To Use Rowing Machine To Train

The great thing about rowing machines is that everyone – people of all fitness levels – can use it including off-season rowers. If you’re an off-season rower looking for a machine to train on, your best bet is to pick a machine that best simulates the rowing experience you’re used to on water such as an air or water resistance rower .

  • How Many People Are Going To Use A Rowing Machine?

If you are not going to be the only one using a rowing workout machine, possibilities are there that other people who have different fitness levels and strength. Make sure to choose a machine with adaptable resistance thus people of all fitness levels can take benefit from a rowing machine.

Step 4- Learn About Different Resistance Kinds 

Rowing workout machines have four different resistance types with each one associate with a set of features unique to that type.  Learning with respect to each resistance type will provide you a better idea regarding how rowers work and can also aid you limit your research further if you concluding up preferring one resistance type over the others.

Buying a rowing machine is in fact a complex task, however, if you pursue these above mentioned steps, it’ll not only save your time but money as well.