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All About Indoor Rowing Machines

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Did you familiar with the fact that rowing is considered as one of the best workouts for developing aerobic fitness? Not only does workout with rowing machines allows individuals to boost their cardiovascular system, but they also put substantial demands on your muscular system as well.  When you are in search for the best rowing equipment for you, there are several options available. There are basically four distinct kinds of indoor rowing equipments: cylinder or piston based rowers, magnetic resistance indoor rowers, flywheel rowers and water rowers.

Rowing MachinesHydraulic Rowers

The hydraulic rower may be the excellent way to go if space is a matter, or if you are on a fixed budget and you wish to opt for an economical indoor rower. Hydraulic rowers receive its tension from the amount of fluid or air that is compressed with a piston or cylinder, and can easily be adjusted by many models of indoor rowers.

Even though hydraulic indoor rowers are economical, they completely differ from magnetic, air and water rowers as the rowing apparatus technique doesn’t permit you to pull in a straight line. The mainstream of hydraulic piston based rowers requires you be put in a workout position that does not allow you to carry out a natural rowing motion. Due to this, you are incapable to naturally synchronize your leg and arm movements together.

Flywheel Rowing Machines

The flywheel or air rower for workout provides a similar feel to outdoor rowing. Flywheel workout rowing apparatus receives its resistance from the pulling movement, which revolves a flywheel with fan blades associated. The resistance is provided through the wind. To enhance the resistance of a flywheel rowing apparatus, all you need to do is pull harder. This spins the flywheel faster, and a great wind resistance is provided from the fan blades of this kind of indoor rower.

In comparison with cylinder/piston or hydraulic based rowers, air rowing machines provide a more continuous, natural, and smooth rowing stroke. The Concept 2 rower is amongst the most admired flywheel air rowers. This machine is used by fitness fanatics, corporate fitness centers, health clubs and rehabilitation clinics as well.

Magnetic Resistant Indoor Rowers

A magnetic resistant fitness rower is recognized for being virtually silent and giving a smoother rowing stroke. Unlike flywheel based rowers which gets its resistance from wind, magnetic rowing machines uses a magnetic brake system. One of the leading aspects you’ll notice with magnetic resistant rowing machines is that it doesn’t produce much noise at all. Rowers based upon magnetic resistant produces no friction, thus providing a noise-free workout.

The Water Rower

The Water Rower is a superlative rowing apparatus for those who take part in outdoor rowing. The Water Rower’s exclusive patented Water Flywheel has been designed to imitate the dynamics of a vessel moving through water. Identical to rowing outdoors, the Water Rowers flywheel receives its resistance by overcome the drag effects as water moves past the tank. This indoor rowing device is also virtually silent while in use. All you hear is the swish of the water while using this rower.